Everyone is Trying to Lose Weight

Weight loss has always been a popular topic for women. Women of all ages and nationality are looking for various ways to lose weight. Some would cut down on meals, or watch what they eat; some would buy the best juicer machine to start a juice diet.


A juice diet is when a person would drink fruit or vegetable juice for thenutrition and eats little else. Others go for the more proactive methods, like working out in the gym. There are even people who experiment with all kinds of weight loss products such as slimming tea or body shaping clothes.


Some methods are healthy while some are simply suicidal, nevertheless they are used as long as they are effective. One method could shed pounds for someone while not seeing the slightest effect on another, which is why many companies are taking advantage of this desire and making a lot of money from it. It is easy to earn money from someone who is desperately trying to lose some weight without any success. 


The Right Choice, Thanks to the Internet

I was on the lookout for a good juice extractor and like so many others turned to the internet for help. I read many good reviews on the Breville 800JEXL juicer and decided to purchase it. I have had the juicer for half a year now and I must say it is the best juicer I have ever used.


This Breville juicer is made of quality materials and it has a wonderful design. The two-speed motor is powerful and it works quickly and efficiently. The titanium-plated blade pulverizes the fruits and vegetables and what is left behind is very dry pulp so that means maximum juice extraction and value.


Another wonderful feature is its safety device which prevents the machine from overheating so the machine can last for years.Maintenance of this juicer is also very easy.


Most of the parts are stainless steel, some are made of plastic and they are dishwasher safe. However, I prefer to wash them with a faucet sprayer and the brush that comes with the juicer for a quick cleanup.